A Memory’s Perfume


The first thing I think of when I read the word scent is how much smells bring back memories for me. I am also very drawn to certain smells, but that is a piece for another day. Whether cooking, cleaning or just randomly, many times I’m taken in when an aroma passes my nose. 

When I smell crayons, yes crayons, I have so many reminiscent moments of childhood. My mom sitting at the table coloring with me and then being a mom myself and coloring with my own kids. Either way, these are very happy memories for me, warming my heart. 

When I smell cut grass, I delight in the feeling of summer. This is probably one of my favorite scents, along with sunblock. Then, of course, there is also the ocean. Sometimes a pungent odor when the tide is out, but all the same it is a scent that I cannot imagine living without. Warming myself in the sand on a summer’s day, with sunblock and hearing the sea; yes, the memories tied to smells are powerful!

I have many memories that go with aromas from the kitchen. Apple pie brings back memories of learning to bake with my Gram and sugar cookies bring back memories of baking with my kids. The barbecue and hamburgers means celebrating the 4th of July! 

Whenever I smell someone burning wood I am reminded of summer camp and bonfires. And times spent with my own kids around a fire pit with family. Toasting marshmallows and making smores. Oh, and my husband and son playing with fire and burning things. Can you say pyromaniacs? 

I could go on! Our world is full of wonderful and terrible smells. Many that tie us to memories, some amazing, happy or even sad. What is something that brings a memory to mind for you?





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9 responses to “A Memory’s Perfume

  1. The smell of cherry brings back particular memories for me. And the fresh breeze on an icy winter morning.

  2. geminilvr

    I love this post. In a way we are thinking on the same level about scents – read my post today. Must be a Gemini twin thing 🙂

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