This Bitter Beast

She is a devilish beast, full of crafty ways
Standing in the shadows, lurking
I feel myself locked within her evil gaze
Ignoring the place she comes from
And what she’d want to get from the likes of me
But I am rendered quite numb
Hopeful that she soon will just let me be free

Escape from her control seems to be in vain
My strength is running on empty
Taking me under her spell, again I feel the pain
Whispering in my ear, confessing
Reminding me of emotions I wanted to forego
Mind then taken over by obsessing
It’s what bitterness does when you won’t let go©

by Mac




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11 responses to “This Bitter Beast

  1. thank you for reminding me how powerful and destructive bitterness can be … and yes it can be very hard to let go of the resentment

  2. Sometimes we need to let go; the pain of holding on is more than that of falling

  3. If I may ask, what does transplant in New England mean, under your bio? -Bruce

  4. This is wonderful, Michelle. We lie when we deny that bitterness creeps into us every now and then. We are constantly faced with a duty of choice we cannot ignore.The warning in the last line tells me to let it all go because it will set me free and make me better. Thanks for sharing!

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