These Memories

To Paul

Memories run fondly through my head
Of the day when we were wed
Has it really been nearly nineteen years
That day, so many happy tears

And if I were to choose to go back in time
When you asked, “Please be mine”
I would say, “Yes” To this life once again
Knowing what I didn’t know then

The times we’ve grieved and times of pain
Are worth it all, won’t be in vain
For with each moment that we have cried
Still worth it all to be your bride

The laughs and giggles I’ve shared with you
When I think I won’t get through
Keep me grounded, help lessen the sorrows
Holding on for brighter tomorrows

Life is quite messy and often so complicated
But I still remember when we dated
Our two beautiful children are nearly grown
Can’t believe how the time has flown

Struggles have been many, but joys are more
As a mom and a dad they both adore
We walked through fires and danced in the rain
Held on to one another when in pain

Now as we journey into our future, hand in hand
Even if it is not how we had planned
Nothing is able to take these memories from me
Signed, Your Wife, Michelle, lovinglyยฉ

by Mac


Our Wedding Dayยฉ


Our Wedding Dayยฉ


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19 responses to “These Memories

  1. Stunning. Just stunning.

  2. Beautiful vows! Congratulations on the 19th. Putting everything together now, my guess is that you tied the knot pretty early.

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. Love can make us smile most of the time.

  4. straight from the heart! Beautiful!

  5. Yes, it’s worth it through thick and thin, would trade the bliss for any trials and pain. I’m so happy for you. Wonderful dedication to your anniversary! Yes, hand in hand through eternity.

  6. Hope your old man appreciates that.

  7. So beautifully and sensitively penned! Marvelous !

  8. Nothing is as sweet as love, finding the right love and experiencing bliss in matrimony despite the oddities. Such beautiful loving expressions, such wonderful love you both share. Congratulations on your anniversary. Wishing you more years of profound love and bliss together. ๐Ÿ™‚

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