One Heart



As I shudder, my heart’s aflutter
Love is intoxicating, heart palpitating
The joy it brings, all earth sings
Looking in your eyes, there’s my prize
See your soul, under my control
This great pleasure, it has no measure
Love’s worth, brings such mirth

With this vow of trust, virtue is a must
Breaking a heart, could tear apart
My greatest endeavor, your love forever
Guard our bond, charms abscond
Come in from the cold, have and to hold
From this day and more, as I swore
Together as one heart, never will we partยฉ

by Mac



Filed under Love of..., poetry

8 responses to “One Heart

  1. So many feels there…love it

  2. That is absolutely beautiful, M. ๐Ÿ˜€

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