Night Or Day


A battle rages for my mind
Two sides within one vessel
Pain it cuts my heart so deep
With choices I must wrestle

An Angel tells me I am weak
I’m lost and have gone astray
My only hope is, I must repent
Asking me to believe and pray

The Devil tells me I’m in charge
It is all there for an easy taking
Want and greed, luscious deeds
Not to worry what I’m breaking

As I struggle to make a choice
Pick between the night or day
I search for the answers within
Hope and pray I find my way©

by Mac


Filed under Life Lessons, poetry

7 responses to “Night Or Day

  1. all the answers come from within. This is beautiful, Mac 🙂

  2. A war that never ends. The right choice versus the easy one.
    The angel is wrong though – you are not weak.
    The weak choose the easy path, the strong take the right one.

  3. Very nicely illustrated… the inner battle can be a tiring one.
    Though without it, I suppose we’d become complacent… in his comment above, Matt was spot-on about the weak taking the easy path [!]

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