The Yuck Factor


There are some words that just shouldn’t be said

The sound of them going through my head

Makes me want to get sick

And gives me a tick

Words like juicy, moist, crusty and gunk

These really put me in a nasty funk

My stomach ups and churns

In other words it turns

So talk to me of things that are full of class

Seriously do not to want to hear crass

This does not mean I’m a prude

I just mean don’t be rude

Some words just have this terrible yuck element

And I wish people would be more hesitant

To use them as adjectives or verbs

Oh how this greatly perturbs

So, please stay away from words like gooeyย 

Oh and also do not say the word dewey

Okay, when talking just be mindful

Use words that are delightful

by Mac




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13 responses to “The Yuck Factor

  1. Ha! I love those words ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Souffle

    Girgle, smack and so many slang words, especially the x-rated ones. Blech!

  3. fashionablefitgirl

    O my couldn’t agree more. My mouth feels yucky now just as I was reading them ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  4. emn

    My daughter HATES the word “moist”.

  5. But seriously what’s wrong with juicy!!! -Bruce

  6. Souffle

    to often used in combo with the ickt unmentionables i mentionednot

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