To Whomever Invented Glitter


To: Whomever invented glitter, you suck! From: The moms that have had the duty of trying to clean that crap out of EVERYTHING!

Okay, who thought putting clitter on gift wrap of any kind was a good idea? I mean, have you ever found yourself glitter”ized” by the time you finished wrapping a gift? Running out of the house because you’re late to a birthday party; only to arrive looking like a stripper mom! Not cool man. Although, likely you are not the only one there, it’s actually like a stripper reunion. 


Then you have those that believe crafting with glitter is an AMAZING idea! They enjoy sending your child home from a party or school with glittered “art”! WTH, that is NOT art! That is a glitter bomb waiting to explode all over my house! One that will permeate every orifice of living space and my child’s body. 

Finally, what is with the glitter in EVERY woman’s product? Nails, makeup, lotions, body sprays, let alone the clothing. Again, if I wanted to look like a slu… well you get my point! PLEASE, stop putting glitter on and in everything; if we were meant to poop glitter we would all be unicorns!© 


Signed, Mac





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13 responses to “To Whomever Invented Glitter

  1. I received a Christmas card from a friend and her son last year. When I opened it, glitter went everywhere. Save the glitter for the clubs!

  2. geminilvr

    this was great – thanks for making me laugh today

  3. When work sends out Christmas cards to clients and I have to sign them all, so many have glitter on. My desk is covered in it for weeks! As am I. 😦

  4. bethanyk

    I just read this prompt on another bloggers post and it. Made me laugh again to read it here because we banned glitter due to my daughter’s many catastrophes that involved having glitter on every piece of clothing for a year! Even the dog’s nose would have a piece of glitter. Now that she is 20 she buys the roll on glitter for the face!!!

  5. I hear you … especially since I’m allergic to glitter bits.

    Having said this, I do love bling and sparkling things … as long as they don’t come off on me!

  6. Funny! Glitter is magical right?!

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