A Taste Of History

A trip to the Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington, NC proved to have many great historical things to see. From the deck and multiple floors below, to the Captain’s quarters and more, it remains a time capsule. Here you see a recreation of a soda shop which correlates with the era. This is where you can have a bite to eat while touring. In response to Tuesday Photo Challenge: Nostalgia 


by Mac© (All Color)


by Mac© (Black & White With Red)


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9 responses to “A Taste Of History

  1. I love the time and effort put into making those places look so perfect. The attention to detail they have is incredible.

  2. Very clever manipulating of the pictures.

  3. A very cool place! Love how you captured the feel of the wall!

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  5. Very creative contribution to Frank’s challenge, Mac! Thanks 🙂

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