Desert Rose


Searching for escape from this desolate and arid land

Looking for a way to go but I had never truly planned

Then you came into my view setting this captive free

What a refreshing drink of water you have been for me

A spring that is always giving and quenching my thirst

My heart was shriveled, but back to life it’s been nursed

Seeing this soul full of agony with grief that’d decayed 

Your presence has been an oasis that holds lots of shade

Healing is your mission, with much passion, it’s your gift

From the quick-sand you did rescue, my spirit you did lift

People often disappoint me, friends, there has been a few

But there’s only been one desert rose, and yes, it is you©

by Mac








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9 responses to “Desert Rose

  1. T
    Wow! Really beautiful. That desert rose has to be really special. You are truly blessed.

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