This Complicated Thing Called Life

socsStream of Consciousness Saturday is: “how.”  Start your post with the word “How.” Bonus points if you end with it too.

How did life get so complicated? I would love to go back to a time when all I had to worry about was school grades, what to wear and what to eat for breakfast. Now, here I am married, with two teenagers of my own and the responcibility’s list goes on. I have a million thoughts running through my mind constantly. Yesterday, at one point, I literally could not focus on one thing at a time, and was running around like a mad woman. Well, some would say “mad woman,” while others would just say, mom. Is it any wonder though that I am losing my mind? Really, the pressures of life get higher as does my age! Sometimes I think that I would like to fane crazy just to get a holiday in a hospital (okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit too far, but I know some of you get me)!

 Now, I need to go get ready for work, which happens to be my respite from the complications, some how.  ~Mac



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10 responses to “This Complicated Thing Called Life

  1. Life is indeed complicated. We just got to be strong.

  2. The best solution is to focus on one thing at a time. Always.

  3. Ah. I remember those days and the crazy thoughts of how to get a day off. I hope you take some time for yourself soon (without going in the hospital.) Even if it’s just a couple of hours a week. But a whole day would be nice. You could imagine what you’d like to do with your time, and maybe things will move in that direction.

  4. Your post reminds me of a folk saying which goes:” A woman is a simple girl that became complicated”
    Happy International Women’s d

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