A Terrible Rhyme

Things that like to jiggle, well, I could only think of Jello

Or you could go with fat, but I hate to talk like that

There is also jelly or jam, oh, I skipped the Spam

Dancing Aunt Betty, but that really isn’t pretty

Then gummie bears, at the movie we’ll share

They stick in my tooth that’s just the truth

Can we drop this word? It is so absurd

Things that jiggle or like to wiggle

What gross verbs, both distrubs

WordPress prompts depress

Can I suggest “Zest”?

No? Then go!©

by Macjam


Filed under humor, poetry

8 responses to “A Terrible Rhyme

  1. poor haiku

    lol! I wonder how WordPress comes up with the word of the day!?!

  2. Perfectly said! Great take on the prompt. 🙂 The first thing I thought of was Jello followed by fat as well. 😂 I love your idea of “Zest.” I also love it when the words are ones not used often. So I’d love to see words like “Vicissitude” too. XD

  3. Hey Mac, your picture is getting better & better.

  4. Well the prompt is not very scientific but you made a very good artistic impression !

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