Rainbows All Around

These photos were taken in Surfside Beach, SC; a very colorful little seaside town.  The following art piece was done by a local artist (Thomas Simpson, 2009). It is painted on the side of an entire restaurant. Quite eye-catching for this normal cinder block building. 


Surfside Beach Art© by Mac

You will find many places with very colorful houses, on the beach and off; they are on stilts  (as you will see often on the West Coast, but not as often on the East Coast). This is a beautiful place, just a 20 minute drive from Myrtle Beach and less tourist ridden. Many of these houses are for rent, weekly, monthly, exc. There are also locals and many great local restaurants within walking and golf cart distance.


Rainbow Houses #1© by Mac


Rainbow Houses #2© by Mac


Water Way© by Mac


Rainbow Street© by Mac

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge
Photography by Mac, Nikon D3400


Filed under Architecture - Photography, Beach Life, nature-photography

15 responses to “Rainbows All Around

  1. I adore the rainbow houses. Thanks for playing.

  2. Very pleasant colors of rainbow houses. Nice shot of the photos!

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  4. brooklyn37

    Waouh, bonsoir ma petite Mac, un article magnifique !
    Mille mercis à toi pour ce bon moment
    Ton ami Tony de France

  5. Thank you for sharing the beautiful and splendid photos.The “Rainbow” theme is so fitting to them.Glad to have landed!

  6. SC is really looking beautiful! I know I have to see those beaches.Thanks for sharing!

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