A Rain Song


Lightning flashed in my eyes, but I could only hear the clap of thunder
Blinded by the shadows, nothing is clear
I felt like I was going under

The voices in my head got louder and they drowned out my quiet cries
Making me doubt myself and choices
They told me so many lies

My mistakes kept haunting me, as I continued searching for perfection
The end was in sight, to my head I held the trigger
Couldn’t find any objection

Sweet innocence was yesterday’s news, my only possession was shame
I quickly took one more breathe, as my life
The flash finally did claim

All I heard was the clap of thunder, then lightning struck me with a bang
I kept falling down, so very far down
Then my last words I sang

“Can anybody hear me as I scream out in pain?
Will anyone notice if I’m forever gone?

 Am I crying or is it just the rain?“©


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14 responses to “A Rain Song

  1. This is intense and beautiful, great read! Thank you!

  2. Enticing. Liked it a lot.

  3. Very touching words and expressive image!

  4. I thinks it’s just the rain
    Its not your beautiful giggles
    I think its just a mirage
    It’s not your beautiful grin
    But we can feel it
    But we can hear you

    I really like this piece.

  5. fashionablefitgirl

    O my goodness . This gave me chills. Love your writing style

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