No Regret

What a thing life is
Do we play with fire and not get burned?
What a path we tread
Do we stumble and get back up again?
What a game we play
Do we gamble with our hearts and lose?
What a risk it could be
Do we love freely or live in fear of pain?
What a choice we make
Do we live with regrets or over come?

Mistakes will be made, but they should
not be allowed to define our future©
by Mac



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16 responses to “No Regret

  1. Kristen

    Wow. Love this. Definitely needed to hear

  2. Life was and is and will always be a mystery. The more we think things are happening to us the more hell we create for us. The more we think the more we create suffering. The whole life is to keep learning from what is gone by not thinking over it again and not be more worried about it think of forever or future. This moment is life and it must be lived fully. Nothing lasts forever and nothing is permanent too.

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  4. what a nice piece you wrote
    Do you ask the words to line up…..or they do by themselves….

  5. Yesterday I wrote a poem and ended up writing that I hate that I played with fire and got burnt. Your poem really puts in into perspective. What is the other option? To just not live really.

  6. Exactly! With life come risks. If we didn’t know sorrow, we couldn’t know joy! ❤️

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