A Place Of Peace


The world closes in and tries to overtake me
Pausing I meditate to block out the noise
Only then do I feel at peace and strong again
A new day with the power to take on life
Finding a will to move forward in my journey
Taking time to consider my weaknesses
Overcoming all that is in my way fearlessly 
I promise myself that I will not look back
Today will I find courage for all my tomorrows
Yesterday is gone and cannot be changed
Hanging on to the negative produces sorrows
Let go of all the darkness and find a light©

by Mac



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16 responses to “A Place Of Peace

  1. This is just wow, truly marvelous

  2. Please stay right there..
    don’t move from that state of peace

  3. Wise words. Where do you like to go for your meditation? Do you have a happy place? Mine is anywhere near the water

  4. Wonderful words. I’m going to take it to my day today… Thank you!

  5. nice one…but do you block the noise….or ignore it….?

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