A Side Of Cars

One thing you wouldn’t know about me, I really love cars. My husband has taught me a thing or two over the years. When we met over 20 years ago, he use to do all the mechanics on his vehicles and even after we got married. Seeing him in his natural habitat, all covered in grease or oil, sexy! 

When we’re out, I love to point to a car and ask him if I got the name right. And I’m especially drawn to special ones that you don’t see too often. So, here’s a few of my captures. The first two are from around town. The third is our 2005 Mustang convertible. I am pretty partial to American muscle cars, although there are a few European cars I wouldn’t mind either.©


(78-83) Nissan ZX 280 by Mac©


Lamborghini Aventador by Mac©


2005 Mustang Convertible by Mac©

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View From The Side

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Curves


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20 responses to “A Side Of Cars

  1. I would like ’em more if they transformed into giant robots… 😛

  2. A side of cars with marvelous colors. 😀 Wonderful entry.

  3. fashionablefitgirl

    Loving the green lambo

  4. Nice curves! That Nissan is such a classic!

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  6. I love the curves on that Lamborghini. Sweet!

  7. Andrea R Huelsenbeck

    That’s exactly the Mustang of my dreams. But I had to settle for a gray ’14.

  8. Very creative contribution to Frank’s challenge, Mac – thanks! 🙂
    I think my favorite car is a Jaguar…because of the curves. Blessings.

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