Love’s Power

Love is the calm sea and a raging ocean
It’s the cry of a wolf or a dog’s devotion

Love burns down forests and sways trees
It’s the lightning in a storm or a gentle breeze

Love freezes the waters and quenches thirst
It’s fog at dusk or when the sun rises first

Love is a mighty eagle on the air high above
It’s also in the beauty of a tiny sweet dove

Love shakes the earth and tears all asunder
It’s the morning dew and a rainbow’s wonder

Love shows us things we never saw before
It’s able to break apart or make a heart soar©

by Mac


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11 responses to “Love’s Power

  1. Wonderful contrasts, and a wonderful rhythm (I could hear it being read aloud).

  2. awesome ! even i tried to write some words on love but i am unable to craft my word as beautifully as you do . I really loved it 🙂

  3. The wonder of love! Thank you for your fantastic thoughts!

  4. Gorgeous!! And love the poem that comes with it too 😉

  5. fashionablefitgirl

    O my goodness! I love this poem so much

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