What Is The Answer?

Haunting my sleep always

Always I fear mourning loss
Loss that consumes all my soul
Soul that was once entwined in you
You can cure these symptoms of mine
Mine I hope that you will always be
Be in my heart til forever my love
Love’s what we must hold on to
To be or not to is the question
But what is the answer? ©

by Mac


Filed under Life Lessons, Love of..., poetry

11 responses to “What Is The Answer?

  1. answer is already mentioned in the poem…one need to search…

  2. Hugs…..

    The memories keep haunting us and we need to be aware when memory strikes. Living in the past all we can do is make this present get harder. Yes, hard to let go past but we need to see the beautiful picture of this present moment. 🙏

  3. fashionablefitgirl


  4. Thanks for sharing your striking post. My poem today is about grief in case you have time to look? Have a good day, Sam

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