All About A’s

“Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “any.” Begin your post with the word “any.” Bonus points if you theme your post on another word that starts with “A.” Have fun!”

Any idea how we got to April so quickly? I cannot believe that we are already a quarter of the way through the year! The kids only have about six more weeks of school. As we approach the summer I am attempting to make some plans. I do not want to hear the “b” word from them, you know the one, bored. Oldest has been told he needs to apply for a job this summer. At sixteen the time has arrived for him to join the work force. Youngest is turning fourteen next month. She has a new affinity with turtles. We found a sea turtle aquarium a few hours north from us, which we will visit for her birthday. All-in-all life continues to move at an allarming pace. The kids grow, we work and amazingly we are celebrating our two year anniversary at the beach in a few months!

Happy Saturday Y’all!



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10 responses to “All About A’s

  1. brooklyn37

    Coucou ma petite Mac, j’espére que tu vas bien, je pense souvent à toi la bas aux US.
    Un gros bisou et prends bien soin de toi surtout.
    Tony, ton ami de France.

  2. Happy almost 2 year anniversary! I am also in shock that it’s April already. Soon be summer and I’ll be a very happy girl!

  3. The sea turtle aquarium sounds awesome. I wonder if it’s like a sea turtle hospital where they rescue and release. Building memories!

  4. Any place to visit and see turtles is a good day

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