Self Doubt


Be careful what you wish for is what they always say
And I did not believe them until things came my way

For life is full of obstacles and though some are small
It has been the big ones I find are hardest of them all

Then I wished for patience and this was a huge mistake
Cause, my trials became almost more than I could take

It is said God won’t give you more than you can handle
I witnessed others do well, to them can’t hold a candle

I shouldn’t be comparing or say I have it much harder
As through flames I have learned to have a lot of ardor

I’ve gained much strength, seen who it’s made me to be
In the challenges remembering faith isn’t what you see

Evolving and changing, hopes I turn out much improved
But most of all I pray for the doubt in self to be removed©

by Mac



Filed under Life Lessons, poetry

13 responses to “Self Doubt

  1. No doubts…a happy life to live

  2. Wow, I totally couldn’t agree more! I’ve never been that good with poetry, but reading your poetry and the way you describe the struggles and tribulations that are associated with the subject matter was just simply AMAZING! (As always 🙂 )

    Keep up the good work!

    – A.J. BAWSE, Xx

  3. The moment we start doubting self we have made a way for fears to enter and once fear enters we are not able to see the beautiful moment here and now as we are either in past or future. Doubts are normal but we need to not give them importance by believing in self and making each moment count. Never should we trust and believe a thing till we have gone over it and known it.

    As always your words are beautiful, my beautiful soul friend. You are a star shining by itself and growing stronger and braver each moment. 😊🙏🌹

  4. I know it’s easier to say after the fact that we aren’t given more than we could take. The hard thing is when we’re in the middle of it and never know when it’ll be over. The hard thing is one is coming when the other one was just over.
    Beautiful poem! Trueful quote! Take care of yourself! Miriam

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