Summer’s Shades Of Love

You’re exceptional in every way
For you I open like a flower 
On a warm summer’s day
Passion burns like fire
Pretty shades of red
Blooms with desire
Like a sun’s caress
My heart possess
by Mac©

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Summer – Fire

“After Spring we move into the active time of Summer.  This is the energy of Fire, the time of activity, warmth, movement, growth and relationship.  Nature itself is moving, the plants are growing, animals are getting ready to produce young and things are busy.” ~5 Elements of Nature


by Mac©


by Mac©


by Mac©


by Mac©


by Mac©

Photos taken with a Nikon D3400
Myrtle Beach, SC


Filed under Love of..., nature-photography, poetry

10 responses to “Summer’s Shades Of Love

  1. Whoa, I am just in awe at how beautiful these images are! Oh my, although I don’t really associate myself with nature… I will never not find it to be absolutely stunning!

    Oh, and the poem accompanied these images really well! 🙂

    – A.J. BAWSE, Xx

  2. Wonderful summer photos. I can feel the warmth of summer.

  3. A true southern collection of beautiful flowers

  4. Aaliyaah

    I love and enjoy each of your posts! ❤

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