Roaming Free


Do I control my mind or does it take charge of me
Often can’t tell the difference when I let it roam free

Images of explorations and places that I’d like to go
Dreaming in my mind of the people I’d like to know

Lands of many colors and foods that taste quite rare
Foothills and mountains, country sides and ocean air

Take along my camera and voyage to the Taj Mahal
Then next snap some photos of the great China wall

All around Europe, so many parts that I want to see
Perhaps even drop in on the Queen for mid-day tea

Around the land of Scotland and maybe the Loch Ness
And I want to get to India to buy a beautiful silk dress

On to Greece, begin to check off my list I’ve unfurled
As I start to count to the Seven Wonders of the World

Ah, Paris and Africa, have so many things I’d like to do
Espresso by the Eiffel Tower and then off to Timbuktu

There are a multitude of destinations my mind can see
Often can’t tell the difference when I let it roam free©

by Mac


Filed under inspiration, poetry

12 responses to “Roaming Free

  1. Aw Mac! This was so good, the imagery and the rhyming… I can’t! Hehe, now you’ve given me the intense desire to pack my bags, head off to the nearest airport and get on a plane to some of the places that you’ve mentioned. Goodness, I’ve wanted to travel for a long time, but after this reading this post, that sensation has been heightened!

    It sure is good to be back Mac,

    – A.J. BAWSE, Xx

    P.S. Hey, I can rhyme too! Haha

  2. So beautiful 😍..

    The wonder of the imagination…
    It can soar and take you places far beyond expectations

  3. How wonderful that the mind could roam free, go around the world and be back with hehe! Beautiful!

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