Bitterness, Silent Killer


My body can’t bare the weight
World closing in and I suffocate
Bitterness and anger meet here
Blackness fills, until I disappear

All I need is one more breathe
Just give it to me so I can live
Captured, you hold me bound
Used up, cast on the ground

You refuse to hear all my outcries
Emotionless, believe your own lies
I needed you and you turn away
Unable to make you want to stay

Trust what you want about a soul
But mine is under your control
You keep me locked away, lonely
Tell me I will always be your only

Lies, all lies to keep me enslaved
When I just wanted to be saved
That is pain you see in my eyes
I refuse to wear your disguise

Bitterness you are just so cruel
Stubborn as a big damn mule
Is this all just a foolish game?
To keep me stuck in your pain©

by Mac
A reblog from December 7, 2016



Filed under Beauty and Health, Depression, inspiration, Life Lessons

11 responses to “Bitterness, Silent Killer

  1. I like it and I don’t like it ♥

  2. Bitterness is like cancer. It eats the soul of its host. This poem is fiery with a powerful message.

  3. Yes, bitterness keeps us enslaved! Well written!

  4. Hehe, this post makes me think of a saying that I read in a book recently: ‘Don’t be Bitter, be Better.’ As being Bitter won’t ever make you Better, I can tell you though… The temptation to become Bitter when you know you’d rather be Better is a tough battle indeed. And I feel like everyone’s been bitter at some time or another.

    But, as we fight the urge to be Bitter and Better ourselves… We become the best versions of ourselves. People rid of Bitterness, and if that’s the case, I feel that’s something we should all fight for.

    Thanks Mac!

    – A.J. BAWSE, Xx

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