She Danced


She danced to the tune of her own song
Always one who needed to be so strong
Yet she loved this life with great fervor
Learning the steps not just an observer

She circled her days on the tip of her toes
Never gave up when others would oppose
Sometimes she’d trip, losing balance, fall
Picked herself up, wouldn’t give up at all

She would have days that were very dark
But others came to help give her a spark
Held her up and joined her hand to hand
They knew dancing makes many a demand

She also had days she’d fly through the air
Was light as a feather and had no despair
These were the times she held onto tight
Giving her confidence to keep up the fight

She knew that when the last dance played
Dance card full, she had even just swayed
Journey so brief and dance shoes all worn
She’d enjoyed each step, don’t you mourn©

by Mac


Filed under inspiration, poetry

8 responses to “She Danced

  1. I’m so happy I saw this post. If I was able to write poetry, I would have liked to be able to write this. The main theme of my blog is about dancing, flight, writing, struggle, and journeys and recovery. What an amazing coincidence.

  2. Hello!I recently nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.The link to which the same is .You are under no obligation to do it, but should you choose to accept I would be really happy.

  3. FH Reads

    Lovely poetry

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