Am I lost to all sanity? I turn around and nothing is familiar anymore
I search in this sky of wonder and mystery yet still there’s nothing there
Where have all the pretty things gone? I feel lost, forgotten and in ruin
It’s all a maze of the obscure, curious and foreign, where the mind breaks
Puzzle pieces with no color, edges gone, nothing fits together anymore©

by Mac


May is Mental Illnes Month. If you or someone you know battles mental illness, there are many great resources here. And this is a piece on my perspective, Mental Illness May #1


Filed under Depression, inspiration, poetry

9 responses to “Anymore

  1. Lovely piece for such a dark topic 🙂

  2. It’s a sad case of illness

  3. Very good writing! I like your new theme. Mentally ill individual see different images, to them, what they “see” is the only “truth” and doesn’t see “illness” the same way others see it, thus deny his own illness!

  4. An Tony'M

    Coucou ma petite Mac
    Comment vas-tu ?

  5. Hi again, since I’m new to WordPress I’m not sure if I tagged you correctly in my post… but I nominated your blog for the Versatile blog award! Here’s my post about it:

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