You Anchor Me


Anchor Me© by Mac

I was adrift and had been lost at sea
Then you came along and rescued me
Winds were blowing and sails were torn
To be honest, I had given up and was worn
You threw me a rope and brought me to shore
Assured me waves could not harm me anymore
I had a tattered life, was just a broken, ugly vessel
Giving up, no longer with life did I wish to wrestle
But your love, like a lighthouse, showed the way
Leading me safely and guiding me into the bay
Wouldn’t let me give up, such a big supporter
Taught me to trust and how to drop anchor
Now I can sail and enjoy life on the ocean
All because of your amazing devotion©

by Mac


Filed under Depression, inspiration, Life Lessons, nature-photography, poetry

17 responses to “You Anchor Me

  1. Beautiful, Mac! I love how the sentences even make the shape of a boat. 🙂

  2. Such a deep thoughts and emotions and gratitude to God. Well written! Miriam

  3. That’s always my anchor in my life: To be a good sailer. Then you don’t have any fear of high waves and stormes, because you’ve learnt how to handle. Beautiful written!

  4. nkdwhtguy

    Love this! Expressive and revealing.

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