To Self Be True


I need a reprieve from life, as a mother and a wife
Things are tough and just so damn rough
Slow down, smell a rose or touch sand with my toes
Or see a sunset as tears make my face wet

Alas I am a mom and wife, for this indeed is my life
So I go on with my days, for them always
First to be as they need, while insides beg and pleed
Can such selfishness hold any happiness?

Along the way I decided to be all of me, undivided
Giving in to what I feel, helps me to heal
It’s okay to have these times, we need to sometimes
I found to be content, I will need to vent

If you’re a spouse or a parent, no need to feel errant
Don’t allow guilt when life makes you wilt
Connect with emotions each day as you find the way
The strength is in you, to yourself be true©

by Mac




Filed under Family, inspiration, poetry

13 responses to “To Self Be True

  1. Wonderful post. I don’t think people always appreciate the hardships of being a mother and a spouse.

  2. Thank you for your honesty. Honoring our feelings and needs is healthy. I hope you take the time you need for you.

  3. I see my sister pass through many struggles as a mother, a DIL & a wife… Now that I have grown up I understand the struggles my mother went through.. I respect them and I wish I could be even 10% of what these women are.. They are my role models and I love your post.. Thanks for sharing such honest views.

  4. Well that was just lovely. It resonated with me. As with all things, love and devotion do come at cost.

  5. Venting is therapeutic. Beautiful post!

  6. I see so much of my mom in this poem! It is beautiful!

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