Inside Me


There’s a yearning deep inside of me
Wants to get out and needs to be free
If I give in to this temptation though
Not sure where it will want me to go
So I’ll push down this want and need
For without strength it will not heed
This little ember is within my control
But anymore will burn away my soul
Then remnants of who I’d once been
No answer for where or why or when
Just a pile of my former self you’d see
If I allow this lust inside to roam free©

by Mac



Filed under Depression, Life Lessons, poetry

7 responses to “Inside Me

  1. gc

    I applaud you for your inner strength of character for fighting the lustful sides of life. At times I am not that successful and try to convert the strong feelings into something a bit more creative like writing or photography. Thank you for sharing your ideas. Much appreciated.

  2. Isn’t it remarkable that you write of restraint, even suppression when there’s probably a Lust App for your phone today? Well written piece

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