I Want You To Know


My Dear Philip, 

I knew you struggled, I wish I could’ve taken it away

I know you knew we all cared, but you just couldn’t stay

I believe you knew we are all strong enough that we can carry on

I want you to know it feels unbearable that you are really gone

I know I will look for your smile, miss your hugs and laughter

I know I am glad you are my son and will be forever after

I want to thank you for knowing we needed one last moment before away you flew

I want you to know, even though you already knew, I have so much love for you

by Mac (your mom)

The death of a child is not something I thought I would ever go through, yet here I am. Philip, my beloved son of 17 years, lost his battle with mental illness the day after his 17th birthday. How ugly this disease is! Experiencing it myself is one thing, but to see my own child ravaged by depression and to finally lose his life by his own hand, it is more than anyone, let alone a parent, should have to bear!

I will continue to advocate the need for more awareness for mental health sufferers and those that love them. You can help too, in two ways, both greatly appreciated!

Go Fund Me: Help With Expenses in Time of Loss

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention fundraiser

Philip Feb. 22, 2001-Feb. 23, 2018


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14 responses to “I Want You To Know

  1. geminilvr

    I am so deeply sorry that you and your family are experiencing this pain and unfathomable loss. I’m praying for you and if you need to talk or just want me to listen I’m here for you xoxo

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your son. I don’t think anyone could understand what you’re going through right now and the pain you’re suffering. You can’t believe that it really happened. You would think that when you turned around, your son is still there. I’m really sorry that he is gone. Thank you for sharing and don’t stop here. Please keep sharing your thoughts and feelings. We’re here to listen and read your posts. xox

  3. visionsofpaul

    So sorry for your loss.. I didn’t like.. Because it’s not something I feel comfortable with. What’s there to “Like” very brave of you to share.. God bless..

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  5. So sorry to hear about your loss. My Prayers for your family at this difficult time. Take care, Mac.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss Michelle and I hope Philip has opened his wings and feels at peace. We lost our beloved aunt to mental illness and we know she is happier where she is now. You and your family are in our prayers and we send much love your way 💞

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  8. Heartbreaking, I’m so sorry xx

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