Childhood Memories


You were in such a rush to grow

Oh how the time did go

Before I knew you’re ten plus seven

Then you left me for heaven

I miss my boy so much each day

Thinking of how you’d play

Games and toys, so many new things

Now are abandoned belongings

My heart is torn up and I often weep

But memories I’ll always keep

Even though they can be bitter sweet

Tightly held until again we meet

by Mac




Filed under Depression, Family, inspiration, poetry

14 responses to “Childhood Memories

  1. Your words are beautiful. I am saddened by your loss. I am uplifted and inspired by you. Your courage and resiliency is beautiful. Much love and hugs, Sue

  2. Oops… poor grammar… Your courage and resiliency ARE beautiful. hahaha… noticed my error and thought I would correct it. That is what happens when I do not proof what I wrote. Even short comments. Ugh…. hahaha…

  3. Beautiful! I also lost children, two of them, young and very ill. I haven’t written about it yet. It’s still so painful, I’m not sure where to begin. My condolences on your loss and kudos on your creative writing through your grief.

  4. This is beautiful. Sad, but beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Touching words, really sorry for your loss, but you seem that have learned how to live with happiness despite this.

    Keep fighting and inspiring others with your kind words!

  6. Sue

    Very sorry about your loss….

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