The Best Medicine


Laughter, considered “the best medicine” and I would have to agree. Through so many of the hard moments that my son, Philip, faced, he still would laugh and smile. He was always trying to make others happy, even when he was holding the weight of the world on his shoulders. He had an amazing sense of humor, often very sarcastic like me.

When Philip passed away, I was adamant that his funeral not be somber, he wouldn’t have wanted that. He would want everyone to smile and laugh like he did, up until the end. So, we reminisced about his life and shared funny stories, for there are many involving him. It was amazing to hear others speak fondly of their own experiences with Philip and it uplifted us all during a very difficult time.

I still keep laughter in my life, even though there are days where I cannot hardly stop the tears. Some may feel guilt for having happiness when they have lost a loved one so tragically, but I do not. I know that laughter, happiness and a smile are all the things that keep Philip’s spirit alive. © -Mac


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5 responses to “The Best Medicine

  1. emotionsoflife2016

    Amen! He would have been proud of you, not only for remembering him with smiles, but because you are sharing your experience with all of us. Stay awesome.

  2. I agree. My son was named Malcolm, and even as a small boy in the hospital, the doctors called him Smiley. He died in 2006, after he stopped taking his heart rejection medicine. His oldest daughter gave birth February 8 to a boy she named Malachi, so Malcolm continues to live in him. I get such joy from remembering him, but I still cannot go to his grave. Time makes it better but thankfully, does not erase our memories.

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