When Suicide Knocked


Suicide knocked three times, on the fourth knock it took you. It has been over four months that I have lived without you; it is unbearable. Is it really living when part of my heart is gone? I’m not sure. Perhaps it is only surviving from one minute to the next, one breath to the next. I must force my lungs to to inhale, my heart to beat and my feet to take step after step. How will I go on? I guess I will continue to learn. Whoever said, “It gets easier with time” was a damn lier. [It] gets harder everyday!

by Mac


Filed under Depression, Life Lessons, loss, suicide

6 responses to “When Suicide Knocked

  1. It doesn’t get easier, Michele! I hear you and I feel your heartache. I think your son wants you to keep on living, as hard as it is. ❤

  2. Suicide robs everyone. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, M. Hugs.

  3. hope u stay strong. its a sad monster have to face

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