Lost In A Circle


Inhale, exhale and then do it again
Numb me, take me to a happier place
I wander in the darkness, bring me light
But, all you do is bring me deeper into night

Lost in a circle, yet it feels like a maze
When I think I’m at the end I start again
Push and pull, up and down, just one more
All I seem to do is live for the moments I soar©

by Mac


Filed under Life Lessons, loss, poetry

2 responses to “Lost In A Circle

  1. kersten

    There is an old saying ‘ life has its ups and downs ‘ we need to amend that statement ‘ life is a process of ups and downs ‘ and that can become monotonous for some , they long for permanent happiness. The problem , so the Buddhists tell us , is the self or ego and a life of meditation will free us of our egotistical nature’s. The circle we are lost in is the circle of rebirth but take away our egotistical self and we merge into eternity. This teaching is false because if we are stripped of ourselves we lose our character and reason for living.

  2. Kiana Donae

    Felt piece. I hope things are back to a new normal for you. #loveandink

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