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All I Was


There is nothing left in my veins
Last drop of blood is poured free
An empty vessel with no life force
All I was has been taken from  me

A dead man walking is now my fait
There’s no more to give in my heart
So soon I will only be a bag of bones
Then vultures come to tear me apart

I’m just a shadow of my former self
None would even recognize me now
As I go through this life and the next
One thing I hope that fate will allow

I’ll pray that in the next life I can find
The only love that I have ever known
With each moment that we are apart
Is pain for all sins that I must atone

There is nothing left in my veins
Last drop of blood is poured free
An empty vessel with no life force
All I was has been taken from  me©

by Mac


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A Guy Goes Into A Bar

How could I not giggle when finding out the word of the day is “knackered.”
For all my UK and Aussie friends, this one’s for you. 

I ran into this guy so daft tried to give him the shaft
Bloody hell what a duff, but he thought he was tough
Dodgiest mate I’d ever seen, except, maybe the queen
What an undeniable arse, perhaps this was just a farce
But then my fanny he tried to touch, that was too much
What a cock-up he did make, indeed was a huge mistake
Off his trolley I think somewhat, but I’m giving him a nut
Didn’t know how to react, he was in fact quite gobsmacked
Said, “Bugger off you prat!” and he was finally gone with that

Was knackered after his thrashing, but hey, I still look smashing

All Rights Reserved©

by Mac


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Darkness Remains

Holding me down you impale me
You don’t even hide your smile
Oh, eyes of someone so vile

A wolf in sheep clothing you bite
Drawing blood as you go deep
Won’t let me my life keep

Driving a spike through my heart
You pierce me to my very core
Can no longer live anymore

Carve out my soul you She Devil
All that remains is now yours
Nothing left but this corps

But darkness remains©
by Mac


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What Could It Mean?


Waking up from sound sleep, Dawn had an overwhelming sense that something was amiss. Sitting up, she looked into the darkness, eyes straining to see. Nothing appeared to be moving, it was pitch black and all she could hear was the hum of the neighbors air conditioner and her heart beating in her ears. Looking at the clock it read 3:33 in the morning, she shivered with disbelief. 

“Just great,” mumbled Dawn. With her heart pounding, she knew it was unlikely that she would be falling back to sleep. Her insomnia was already a problem, anxiety heightened now too and rest would not come easily, if at all. 

Fluffing her pillows and smoothing her covers, Dawn then laid back down. What was wrong with her? This was not the first time, or even the second time that she had woken up in this state of panic. It was also not the first time she woke up to read 3:33 A.M. on her clock. This made her shiver again, what a weird feeling she was left with. 

Three times now this night had occurred. Three times Dawn had woke in an anxiety induced state, three times she had looked at the clock to read the same time and three times she had laid back down to find herself unable to fall back to sleep. “What does it mean?” she wondered. She lay there. wide awake, until her alarm went off three hours later.

Coincidence? Some believe in coincidences and others much more. Has this or similar ever happened to you? I’m not sure what I feel, but similar has happened to me in the past! I hope you enjoyed my short fiction.© ~Mac

Here’s one numerologist’s take on repetitive numbers: “Repeating numbers offer us confirmation that we’re not alone and that the “Universe” is conspiring for us to achieve our life’s purpose and personal satisfaction and happiness while we’re here.  And “speaking in code” is a way to communicate with you, as long as you can translate or transcribe the code and then use the information to validate you and give you renewed strength to move forward into your powerful purpose.” Source:”Repeating of 333″



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