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Kiss Me…

Well, as many of you know I go by Mac, which is loosely based on my last name. My Irish heritage well, I come by it honestly…through marriage and amazing luck. But give me corned beef and cabbage, color me green, by blarny don’t forget the liquor and of course, “Kiss me…I’m sort of Irish!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day ya’all!


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My Mind

The mind is such a beautiful and terrible thing…

Poems and Petals

My mind billows

In every direction

Flying into space

And sinking into oceans

In depths of sadness

And waves of emotions

My mind drags me high

And sinks me low

It attacks with violence

And loves with passion

It drives me crazy

And keeps me sane

My mind is my enemy

And also my friend

My only company

Surrounded by solitude

My mind is a kite

Flying in the sky

And an anchor

Keeping me


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“Love yourself, even a little bit each day, and your life will bloom into infinite joy.”
― Amy Leigh Mercree


by Mac©


by Mac©


by Mac©

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Bloom


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Coffee Break Time

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been taking a bit of a break from daily blogging, as some may have noticed. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in full swing soon!

In other news, I’ve FINALLY signed up for SnapChat! I know, I know it’s a surprise it took me so long. For someone who takes so many selfies and photos you’d think I’d have gotten on board sooner. Well, I’m giving it a try, as so many friends use it. Look for me at MacInBlonde, and add me if you’d like. But, for the record, I’m not sure I know what I’m doing yet!

Finally, I am looking for some topic ideas for my blog. Leave me a comment if you have one to share.

Keep the coffee hot and ready, I’ll be back soon! Love, Mac


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Eagerly we coalesce in pursuit of what will bring happiness and eternal serenity
Exploring through the generations unimaginable designs of brilliant ideaologies
Endeavoring to remember the beginning but looking for a way to find the ending
Eternally struggling against the powers of being while hoping we can cheat death
Enduring the bitter sufferings that molest us and find strength as we masquerade 
Embracing daylight in all of its warmth but not forgetting of night’s tranquil tune
Effortlessly some will pursue riches with fortitude while others arduously will fail
Effecting the world with one whisper and holding the power to build or annihilate
Entreating you to analyze choices wisely while you also take risks with a passion
Endlessly searching to find what existence is all about and grasping the answers©

by Mac



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How Is This Possible?

“When a person sets out to learn from others and not to teach others he becomes a true writer.” ~Carla H. Krueger

I love y’all! You just don’t know how you (and writing) have improved my life in so many ways. I have been blogging since the beginning of August, 2016, what a journey!

Now, how is it possible that I have surpassed 1000 followers? Although I try hard to not get caught up with numbers, this is an exciting one for me. A goal I certainly didn’t expect to meet within this amount of time. 

“A writer illuminates the lights of her heart so that everyone can see themselves in the mirror of her thoughts.” ~Debasish Mridha

My next goal, well, it is to improve on my daily likes and comments. Because, although my followers number is higher, my daily “likes” is not reaching even 100. I would love some input and/or tips, if you have anything to offer. I am working hard at making it to many of your blogs, but do be patient with me. And, if you’d like to read about anything particular or have an idea- hit me up! 

So, as I continue to grow in my writing and photography skills, I hope y’all will stay for the ride! And, to the friends I’ve made, comrades and just good people that I’ve met here along the way- well I send big thanks from the bottom of my heart and perhaps a dash of love! ~Mac xx


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A Rain Song


Lightning flashed in my eyes, but I could only hear the clap of thunder
Blinded by the shadows, nothing is clear
I felt like I was going under

The voices in my head got louder and they drowned out my quiet cries
Making me doubt myself and choices
They told me so many lies

My mistakes kept haunting me, as I continued searching for perfection
The end was in sight, to my head I held the trigger
Couldn’t find any objection

Sweet innocence was yesterday’s news, my only possession was shame
I quickly took one more breathe, as my life
The flash finally did claim

All I heard was the clap of thunder, then lightning struck me with a bang
I kept falling down, so very far down
Then my last words I sang

“Can anybody hear me as I scream out in pain?
Will anyone notice if I’m forever gone?

 Am I crying or is it just the rain?“©


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