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Don’t Mistake


Don’t mistake my dry eyes and smile for being okay. I will never be alright again. I will wear my grief everywhere for the rest of my life, it’s part of me now. When I get through the day, have made it out of bed and chose to go into the world this day, I am choosing to live for the ones I love. But don’t mistake my living as moving on, I will never move on, I will only mark every life event as before or after. And please, don’t mistake when I have emotions as weakness, I am a strong mother f…er!
By Mac

Philip’s Mom (8 weeks today he’s been gone)


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Remember Me

When I find my final resting place and life on earth is done
Reflections of accomplishments and the races I have won
I hope that I will find my journey was not done in vain
Most of all wishing I have not caused too much pain
For those that I’ve inflicted, the sorrow that I feel
When the time is right I hope that you can heal
Life can be so fleeting but memories they last
Cherish the good ones we shared in the past
Most of all remember how we are in love
I know I will as I look down from above©

by Mac


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Follow Me

You asked me to follow, scared, I didn’t know what to do
So instead of asking “where to” I turned and ran from you

Patiently you waited, displaying a tear-streaked face
Too busy with this life, I stopped looking for your place

Realization I had lost you, and I’d wandered very long
A road full of angry faces and I didn’t feel all that strong

Then up in the heavens, I heard you whisper from above
Come be with me my angel, come be with me my love

©Follow Me by SBDMB (MM)




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