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In My Hand


Able to cut down, Tear away your voice
With force I mold, Take away your choice

My look can carry, The power to take
My hand controls, A weapon to break

Swift and violent, Gentle and meek
A show of love, But never weak

I may draw blood, With every word
Don’t you know? My pen’s a sword

You may destroy me, Yet it’s in vain
Don’t be fooled, I’ll still remain

With bitter echos, Or triumphant song
A heartfelt desire, Or warrior throng

From limb to limb, You may sever
But I am strong, I will endeavor

I have such faith, In every word
Don’t you know? Pen beats sword!

©In My Hand by SBDMB (MM)


©”In My Hand” Drawn by (SBDMB) MM


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