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Darkness Remains

Holding me down you impale me
You don’t even hide your smile
Oh, eyes of someone so vile

A wolf in sheep clothing you bite
Drawing blood as you go deep
Won’t let me my life keep

Driving a spike through my heart
You pierce me to my very core
Can no longer live anymore

Carve out my soul you She Devil
All that remains is now yours
Nothing left but this corps

But darkness remains©
by Mac


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These Chains

Fallen from Heaven, Son of the night
Lonely without you, Please hold me tight

Feeling each breath, Lips touch my skin,
Starting a fire, Breathing me in

I burned like an ember, Then I’m tossed free
Now scorched and spent, Vigorously used me

I’m part of your habit, You can’t keep away
Again I will suffer, While you make me stay

Under your foot, Crushed by the pain
When you release me, I’m never the same

I’m toxic and ugly, Yet still you do taste
Why do you keep me? My body does waste

Our cycle continues, Singed by hot poker
I’m locked into love, By a chain smoker

~Words by Cigarette

©These Chains by SBDMB (MM)


©”Chains” Drawn by SBDMB (MM)


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Up In Smoke

Like a magician you perform, To your audience of one
Making people disappear, All in the name of fun

Acrid smoke and mirrors, Play a dangerous game
And for a clown as me, I live with only shame

Dimming of the lights, Curtains slowly spread
Is this all the final act? Will I soon by dead?

The music starts its tempo, Softly calls to me
“Come now lonely child, I can make you free.”

There are no expectations, Nothing you need fret.”
But I see through his charade, It leaves me with regret

At last this great performer, Reveals himself you see
Life is but a vapor and behind this mask was only me

©Up In Smoke by SBDMB (MM)




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