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Path To The Sky

“But the beauty is in the walking — we are betrayed by destinations.” ~Welsh poet Gwyn Thomas

This week the Daily Post would have us talk about the “Path.” As we are coming to the end of the year and 2017 just around the corner. Forcing us to look to the future perhaps and consider what lays ahead.

I will just share with you these photos I’ve taken that represent the limitless possibilities of the future. No, there is no path, for the “Sky is the limit” or perhaps even the sky holds no bounds. Such a wonderful image it makes to how wide open life is and how far we can go.

So, as I look to the journey ahead and recount the year gone by, I only know that there is so many ways that life can take me. I am excited, hesitant, full of anticipation and also self-doubt. But aren’t those all emotions we deal with? So, most of all I shall bolster my confidence, face the future head on and look to the sky.©

Blessings in the New Year my friends. ~Mac


©by SBDMB (MM)


©by SBDMB (MM)


©by SBDMB (MM)


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Let Me Count The Ways


The strength of your stance
Brute smell and rugged attire
I cannot deny you set me afire

Let me count the ways

How did I exist before your smile?
Intense blue eyes that pierce me
Golden hair, makes the sun envy

Let me count the ways

But best, how you make me laugh
The ways your humor really flows
Between the lines, sarcasm expose

These are the ways I love you

©Let Me Count The Ways by SBDMB (MM)

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Don’t Mind the Gap


My brain is such a confusing space. I have times where the thoughts flow, unencumbered by the world around me. I can be sitting in the midst of pure confusion and they seep from my fingers onto the keys. Then, there are the moments when [they] are held captive. As though my mind dominates and leaves words bound on the tip of my tongue.

A frustration for every writer, I can imagine, these elusive words. Having a dictionary of definitions available to me and yet unable to construct. Perhaps it is sorrow or pain which holds me back. Emotions and Composers have such an intricate relationship. One that can be fractured by the smallest of cracks. I do find that thee artistic side of my brain feels more free when I am in a happy or in a contented place. Is it endorphins, perhaps, giving my brain the release it so desires? Or, am I prepared to relinquish control in this state of euphoria?


Most irritating though is when words wish to come to me in my sleep. Pouring in with such vigor, at times waking me from deep slumber. Not as dreams, but as concepts and ideas, which cannot be silenced or snuffed out by the dark! I can try to ignore them and hope they let me rest in peace. But, as if defying me, I am plagued then by insomnia. And, if I have success, the words and ideas from the night will have vacated my mind by dawn. Leaving me to feel as though a great chasm exists between my mind and my keyboard. Moving me towards a feeling of incompletion.

Discover Challenge: Mind The Gap


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Birds Of A Feather

Birds Of A Feather

One is quite lonely.


Two is a pair.


Three is a gathering.


Fours a bit rare.

Five flock together.


Some choose the water, others choose air.

 Whether alone or together, birds of a feather. ©SBDMB (MM)

Discover Challenge: Numbers




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Life In Song

My life is a soundtrack filled with an eclectic mixture. My playlists hold songs from- Pink, One Republic, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Nickelback, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Adele and many more. This does not even cover the 80’s, 90’s and oh, the Christian rock groups that I enjoy! I just went to see Switchfoot, live, last week.


Music is truly the background noise of my life. Songs have helped me through many times of depression and struggles. And really, I wasn’t sure that I could pick just one tune that has meaning for me. However, I will share a song that has many memories for me, although bitter sweet, from my childhood. Not one from a mixed tape, recorded in secret off the radio (yes children of the 80’s & 90’s era, you know what I’m talking about). No, this was sung along with a piano, in the pews of church on Sunday mornings.

I have shared in the past that I grew up in a faith based home, my father was a minister for many years. I was raised under very strict and highly conservative rules. From not being allowed to go to the movies or proms, and most definitely no “secular” music. (No, I didn’t know Kevin Bacon or Foot Loose.) I grew up listening to many hymns sung by Sandy Patty and Christy Lane. I chuckle now, but then, I really knew no different.

The song that has many memories for me is “The Old Rugged Cross” George Bennard, 1913. When I was young, my dad would play his guitar and we would sing it together at church in front of everyone. I always thought I was special getting to sing up in front of a crowd. (Simon Cowell eat your heart out!) Later, I would sing it with my sister for my Mother-in-Law’s funeral, as it was also one of her favorite songs. The lyrics hold a message of hope, even in sadness, for those of the Christian faith. And, although I haven’t sung a hymn in quite some time, it always amazes me that the words are not forgotten. They are buried deep in my soul, and are a part of who I am.

Brad Paisley does a great job singing, The Old Rugged Cross, if you would like to listen.


Discover Challenge: Song


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That Awkward Moment When

As I sit on the couch and watch Willow headed my way, I know that I am soon to hear her small voice chirp at me. I ask her to come sit on the couch with me, but she insists that I come down to the floor. She pats the side of the couch to get my attention, and gracefully falls to her back, rolling around. Smiling at her cute gesture, I get up and sit next to her, petting her tummy. Suddenly it dawns on me, it is that awkward moment when… the realization hits, I have been trained by my cat.

“I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.”~Bill Dana


©Willow by Southern By Design (MM)

To read more about the life of Willow the Cat visit- Willow’s Three-Ring Circus & Window To The Soul

Today’s Post brought to you by- Daily Prompt: Graceful & #SoCS: Awkward

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Country Side Changings

“The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools.” ~Henry Beston

My final installment for 3 Days 3 Quotes…3-days-3-quotes1

Rules of the challenge: 1.Three quotes for three days. 2.Three nominees each day (no repetition). 3.Thank the person who nominated you. 4.Inform the nominees.

Day 2 Nominees: I highly recommend you check them out, they are very inspirational and interesting to read.

  1. Vonita
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  3. Eddaz

My final thanks to Gbolabo Adetunji for nominating me to participate in the “3 Day 3 Quote Challenge.” I am always amazed and honored when other bloggers find my posts interesting enough to read, so thank you! 

The following are some of the most beautiful moments I’ve captured of the country side of Vermont in the fall. This is the one season out of the year when I truly do miss the North. I hope you enjoy.


The Daily Post Challenge: Here & Now


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