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Manners Have Left The Building

Going to the movies is a frequent occurrence for hubby and I, a great date we both equally enjoy. The last couple times we have gone however, I just about flipped my lid! Have people utterly lost all sence of movie theater etiquette? Really, where have the manners gone? And no, I’m not talking about those open-mouthed, popcorn crunchers! That is a topic for another day and my Misophonia. 

My first “encounter” was when we sat in front of a woman that talked through thee… entire… two hour, movie! Literally, she was like a comintator during a sports broadcast. Multiple times we “shooshed” her, but to no avail! I’m not sure she even realized she was talking or that it was she we were asking to be quiet. By the time we left I swear my eye was twitching and my anxiety was at maximum capacity.


Then, this past weekend we visit again. A mom decides to bring her baby, mind you it is an adult movie. Now, I have been there moms, when you really want to see a movie and you believe that your baby will be quiet or even sleep. But this, was not one of those times! She let her kid cry, babble loudly and so forth without getting up and taking him out! Multiple folks were again, “shooshing” and she did not take a hint! What the heck!?

What is wrong with people? Have we become so self-involved that we don’t have any consideration for those around us anymore? It may seem like a silly or simple thing, but it goes to the bigger picture of behavior I’ve encountered in public. Yes, I’m irked, this is a huge pet peeve! I want adults to learn to respect and consider those around them. Not only that, I want them to teach their kids to do the same. I’m so tired of all the little jerks running around who are self-centered and entitled!

Whew… end rant!




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Agree To Disagree

“I will never compromise truth for the sake of getting along with people who can only get along when we agree.” ~D.R. Silva


One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say, “Let’s agree to disagree!”  Well, I have a very outspoken personality and I do enjoy a good debate. However, having a discussion where our points of view clash then say [this], my feeling, it’s a cop-out. But, where did this feeling come from? One that you can’t respect someone and even like them, all whilst having a different opinion?

Have you noticed that it is becoming harder to have a point of view that differs from the “main stream”? Lots of words thrown around these days, such as intolerant, racist, controversial and close minded. Specially if you are in the minority of those that is willing to speak out against the media or leftist views. Name slinging at the outspoken is popular, while being knowledgeable and a thinker, is discouraged.

People need to get educated, not just go with the flow of the main stream! Our society is turning into spineless robots. Taking what the government feeds them. And why not? The government is willing to take care of us. They will offer to pay for everything, in return we only must give up our rights and freedoms. Choosing to be willfully ignorant, should not be a choice!


The media makes concessions on truths as long as it gets the viewers. Picking and choosing what topics will bring the most outrage. No longer do we have media that is uncompromised by opinion, there is a spin to every news outlet. So, if you have not learned to think on your own, to devise your own thought procees, you are left to believe what you are being spoon fed. Of course, “It must be true, it’s on the interntet!” Oh boy (hand to forehead)!

And finally, I struggle with some of those in thee upcoming generation. Those that are self-centered and feel they are owed everything. Where did this entitled outlook on life come from? Those that are choosing to agree with everything the government and media say. “Once upon a time, in a land called America, people truly believed in a capitalist system. Citizens worked hard their entire lives to feed into their 401-K plans and expected that depending on how the economy went, they may profit from their work. They did not depend on the American government to take care of everything for them; in fact they had a great sense of personal responsibility…” I recommend reading the full article, “You Owe Me: Examining a Generation of Entitlement”

And so I leave you with this…


 Daily Prompt: Disagree


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