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You Anchor Me


Anchor Me© by Mac

I was adrift and had been lost at sea
Then you came along and rescued me
Winds were blowing and sails were torn
To be honest, I had given up and was worn
You threw me a rope and brought me to shore
Assured me waves could not harm me anymore
I had a tattered life, was just a broken, ugly vessel
Giving up, no longer with life did I wish to wrestle
But your love, like a lighthouse, showed the way
Leading me safely and guiding me into the bay
Wouldn’t let me give up, such a big supporter
Taught me to trust and how to drop anchor
Now I can sail and enjoy life on the ocean
All because of your amazing devotion©

by Mac


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Desert Rose


Searching for escape from this desolate and arid land

Looking for a way to go but I had never truly planned

Then you came into my view setting this captive free

What a refreshing drink of water you have been for me

A spring that is always giving and quenching my thirst

My heart was shriveled, but back to life it’s been nursed

Seeing this soul full of agony with grief that’d decayed 

Your presence has been an oasis that holds lots of shade

Healing is your mission, with much passion, it’s your gift

From the quick-sand you did rescue, my spirit you did lift

People often disappoint me, friends, there has been a few

But there’s only been one desert rose, and yes, it is you©

by Mac








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Don’t Walk Alone


I am well aware that life’s just not fair

But then again we are just men

To walk in hope and not just cope

Our path in life is full of strife

And what is planned is not in hand

We must trust this is a must

What the future holds as it unfolds

Is for me what’s meant to be

Thought I was strong could just go along

Do it on my own be it all alone

So on I went until I was fully spent

Life took its toll on my soul

So I prayed for love sent from up above

With strength to lend or help send

As my struggles passed I’ve learned at last

Wish I’d known, to not walk alone©

by Mac







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Life’s Connections


by picjumbo

I’d like to say that life has been simple, but this is very far from true

When I think of this path I’ve been on, things I’ve had to do

I find myself confused at times and uncertain of what the future holds

That’s the way the cookie crumbles or how my journey molds

People will often disappoint me, hey I will disappoint many people too

In fact I’ll hurt and tear apart some, it may even be one of you

And if you happen upon my heart, please tell me where it can be found

Somewhere along the way was lost, think I left it on the ground

I’ll grieve many losses and wish at times I hadn’t made a friend or two

But things would be much lonelier so I change my point of view

I will take the heartache and sorrow because I have also found affections

And be grateful for my journey and times I’ve made connections©

by Mac








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