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The Spirit of Love

“True love is like Ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.” ~Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I am blessed to be able to say that I found my true love. At the end of August we will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary- we have known each other for 21 years! Our love story is nothing over the top. We met when I was in high school and he the older man. We got married when I was 18- not because I was pregnant, but because we truly knew that this was what God intended for us. I think it is so unheard of these days to get married young, but we were in love and we couldn’t wait to start our lives together!

We had met at church when my family moved to this, to say small is overstated, town. It was really the last place I would have expected to find anyone, let alone the love of my life. But, the day we moved into our house, [He] came riding up on a motorcycle. Man, my heart still skips a beat thinking about that day! He didn’t know us, but had heard a family was moving to town, a friend of the pastor’s. That is just who he was, and still is today, he enjoys helping others.

He quickly became a family friend, helping out. He has abilities my dad does not when it comes to being a handy man. From fixing cars to appliances, he is a Jack of all trades. His parents also became friends with mine and so the friendships grew. We truly started out our relationship as friends. But by the time I had become an upperclassmen we were in love. Not the crush kind of love, but a deep down friendship based type.

We did not date in the terms most would consider normal. Because of our age differences we courted. That is, we were always chaperoned by parents, siblings or friends. Now as a parent myself I cannot even imagine letting one of my teenagers go out with someone six years older, but he was not just anyone! His heart was always in the right place. He too had never been in a relationship. It was new and pure for us both. It is hard to explain to someone who has not heard of or experienced [this].


My Hun & I ~Southern By Design

I can honestly say, I would still do it all over again- we really grew up together. I would say that we have only found more love and friendship over the 18 years of marriage. No, things are not always perfect, but they are pretty darn close. We have gone through hardships, just like anyone. But, in those times we have drawn closer and grown. It is through those that we are where we are today and, I would not trade any of them! 




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