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The Gift Of Sharing


As I continue to blog and find my followers and readers growing exponentially; I take time to reflect. It can be easy to forget that I started out slowly just like everyone does when they begin blogging. At times it can get discouraging, you know what I’m talking about. You work hard on posting, yet find that your pieces aren’t making it to the eyes of ones you hope to connect with. I have great thanks to each of you for the bounty of love and kindness that I have received in encouragement and feedback- and continue to get daily. I love this place! It is a safe and effective outlet for me therapeutically and otherwise. I have met many wonderful souls, even made friends.

I’d love to share a few of those with you and really encourage you to follow their blogs, encourage them as you have me. This would be such a wonderful gift and I would be so grateful!  If I have missed anyone I apologize. These are certainly only a FEW of those that I am enjoying following these days. This is a very eclectic line up, something for everyone. I’d also encourage you to do the same, sharing is caring.

Thoughts and Passion

The Coffee Mom

Ups, Downs and Deviations

Jonathan Beckett

Devil Doll Musings

Tasha Cole Beauty

Also, I would like to share my blog pals pieces that really helped me, Okoto Enigma has many great tips and as you’ll see by her blog, they work! She has multiple articles on “Easy Ways To Increase Traffic and Get More Followers” and I have found them very useful and highly encourage you to read all of them. Be sure to give her a follow, along with those I’ve listed! ~Mac 



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