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All Dolled Up


All Dolled Up

Long locks dripping with wet
Brushing through the mess
Pump in the hair products
Mousse and serum with finesse

Blowing out the chocolate mane
I comb and tug and pull
A heated iron for all the kinks
Now its thick and full


Prepping of the palate has begun
A tug a pluck a tweeze
Load on the lotion with SPF
Anti-wrinkle and plumping creams

Base for painting is dabbed on
Proceed with puffs and brushes
Lines are drawn and colors blended
The lips now full and luscious


Wisely chosen baubles gleam
Gold and silver shimmer
Patterns, textures and fabric
Which will make me slimmer?

Linger at the mirror
Then comes the final touch
A boot or flat or a heel
Last just grab my clutch


Dolled up, now where shall I go
I’ve spent just over an hour
Perhaps I’ll go back to the store
To buy more primping powder

©All Dolled Up by SBDMB (MM)


Daily Word Prompt: Primp


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Things I Can’t Live Without



This is a bit of a different topic for me. But, as a woman and quite the “girlie” one at that, I do love my beauty products! If I could only choose a few products, those that I couldn’t live without, this would be my “it” list. These are in my daily routine and my must haves for maintaining my appearance.


1. Aveeno “Pure Renewal” shampoo and conditioner

I have very thin, fine hair. A few years back I noticed that it was getting thinner and I was losing it more than what is normal. After trying multiple vitamins and different hair products, I came across research regarding sulfate.

Sulfate is really in every shampoo and conditioner, unless otherwise specified. Many say that it can lead to hair loss. Right away I changed over to Aveeno’s “Sulfate Free” formula. I have stopped losing large amounts of hair and it feels more healthy. The products themselves have the same consistencies as other shampoos and conditioners. The price is a touch more, but well worth it!


clq_7t5r01_402x4642.  Clinique “Dramatically Different” moisturizing lotion

Since coming across this lotion my face has changed, well…dramatically. I suffer with very dry and flaky cheeks. I had tried just about everything under the sun, with no avail. This has been a game changer. I am a huge fan of Clinique and this is my number one go-to product of theirs.

Along with Very Dry, they have Dry Combination and Combination Oily. You can also check out their 3 Step face care that the lotions are part of.


429c7a2b-be0a-45b6-add8-3b5d07faf484_1-9757b092e24ada972b7ae4e865c3919a3. Covergirl “Aqua Smooth” Foundation & “Ready Set Gorgeous” Powder

As I mentioned prior, I have problems with dryness on my face. I also suffer with redness areas due to my fairer complexion. This is the first foundation that I have found that both covers and keeps the moisture in. It goes on smooth and lasts all day. This also has an SPF which is important to stay off wrinkles.


This pressed powder is also one of the first I’ve found that does not dry me out and stays on. It also helps set the foundation. I have tried many pressed powders, but I’ve always come back to this one. Now I just stick with this combination, as I have found it to be the best for my skin. I also like the sponge applicator verses a brush or puff. Again, this has SPF.

revlon-volume-length-magnified-mascara4. Revlon “Volume & Length Magnified” mascara

Along with my fine hair come fine eye lashes. I am always looking for the perfect mascara. And while I’ve found others in the past that I like, this is a newer find for me and I LOVE it! I have already gone through a tube and am on to my next. It is fairly new and Revlon has an entire line of five different “Ultras.” It goes on easy, bulks up my lashes and adds just enough length. As I don’t like to look over-done with the makeup, it gives me just the appearance I’m going for.

screen-shot-2014-02-09-at-7-04-33-am5. Nivea “Lip Care” & Maybelline “Baby Lips”

As I get older I find myself drawn more towards lip balms and tinted moisturizers, and away from lip sticks. I also tend to lick my lips or bight them frequently. Moisturizers help with the chapping that occurs from these habits. They also help prevent wrinkling and the look of drying that comes with age. These brands do offer some lip care that also contains SPF.

I go back and forth between the two brands and have a hard time picking a favorite. I keep tinted and non-tinted in each brand. I have many around the house, in cars and purses. I’m a bit of a lip balm collector.




Michelle by Michelle

I hope you’ve enjoyed this different side of me and the beauty products I can’t live without. I’ll have to come back another time with more items “I can’t live without.”

I would love to hear about an item or two you can’t live without. Or maybe you would like to know about something in particular I use or recommend in another category. Be sure to let me know in the comments. And feel free to share and reblog!





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