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Broken Things


Fallen to pieces, you’re broken

Heart given all that it could

But your beauty is unspoken

Perhaps even misunderstood


So I pick up all that is shattered

Molding you into a work of art

Proving to you that you’ve mattered

Precious gold flows from my heart

by Mac









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Only Ashes


An ember was born and became a flame
It soon burnt out and only did remain
A piece of what once was my heart
Destroyed by this life, torn apart
The smoldering smell is putrid
But worst still is the hatred
Away with love it lashes
Now I am only ashes© 

by Mac

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No Longer A Whole #2


No Longer A Whole #1

Two halves of me don’t total one

I know longer have a sum

Tallied parts, I’m still not whole

Lost and have no control

Look each day but don’t equal

To check again is needful

Hope somewhere along the way

That I will add up one day©

by Mac







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No Longer A Whole


There’s a big hole in my heart, a piece that is gone
Didn’t realize it was missing, don’t know how long
I found it one day, it was on the floor broke in two
Saw a name on this piece, it was signed out to you

I gave you this part, you forgot that you loaned it
Tattered, bruised…Did you realize you owned it?
Drowned out my cries, forsaken and so hopeless
Lost to the sadness and will never feel wholeness

Light is fading from my eyes, see they are muted
Emotion is not here anymore, I have been looted
Coldness has crept in, and like a thief it is taking
And is just leaving behind a deep, painful aching

Searching for comfort, something to fill the void
Not sure I’ll find it, before my heart is destroyed
So I wander this life, not sure what I will look for
But I am so certain, don’t want to hurt any more©

by Mac









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You Are

You are my hideaway

Where I long to be

When the world gets tough

Your love rescues me

You are my shooting star

When I search the sky

The light to guide my way

A twinkle in my eye

You are my sweet melody

Rythm to my feet

Giving my heart a song

Make it skip a beat

You are my precious gem

Diamond in the rough

You’ve been cut and shaped

Life’s made you tough

You are my all and everything

With you I long to be

No question, this love’s forever

Between you and me©

by Mac










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One Heart



As I shudder, my heart’s aflutter
Love is intoxicating, heart palpitating
The joy it brings, all earth sings
Looking in your eyes, there’s my prize
See your soul, under my control
This great pleasure, it has no measure
Love’s worth, brings such mirth

With this vow of trust, virtue is a must
Breaking a heart, could tear apart
My greatest endeavor, your love forever
Guard our bond, charms abscond
Come in from the cold, have and to hold
From this day and more, as I swore
Together as one heart, never will we part©

by Mac


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Handle With Care

Her heart was so fragile
Given with such care
And little did he know
It was so much to bear

He held it with caution
Not wanting to break
Caressed it and whispered
“Won’t let anyone take”

But once he forgot
He left it unguarded
Open to heartbreak
Soon became parted

The light became faded
Turning heart to stone
He learned the hard way
Never leave her alone

©Handle With Care by SBDMB (MM)



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