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Resounding Resolve


I refuse to let my heart be overrun
Cares of this world will I overcome

Making my way with steps renew
Believeing in myself is all I can do

Capable of anything is my life song
A run or a walk or just getting along

Trusted the good and even the worst
But most of all must trust in me first

Relying on others is sometimes best
But they can fail you during the test

With strengthened resolve to carry on
I know who I am and where I belong©

by Mac


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Eagerly we coalesce in pursuit of what will bring happiness and eternal serenity
Exploring through the generations unimaginable designs of brilliant ideaologies
Endeavoring to remember the beginning but looking for a way to find the ending
Eternally struggling against the powers of being while hoping we can cheat death
Enduring the bitter sufferings that molest us and find strength as we masquerade 
Embracing daylight in all of its warmth but not forgetting of night’s tranquil tune
Effortlessly some will pursue riches with fortitude while others arduously will fail
Effecting the world with one whisper and holding the power to build or annihilate
Entreating you to analyze choices wisely while you also take risks with a passion
Endlessly searching to find what existence is all about and grasping the answers©

by Mac



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Journey To Happiness

“Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it is too late.” ~Robert Updegraff

“The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: find what it is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it put your whole soul into it-every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability you have.”
~John D. Rockefeller III


VW by Mac©

Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

Photo by Mac, take with a Nikon D3400



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Don’t Walk Alone


I am well aware that life’s just not fair

But then again we are just men

To walk in hope and not just cope

Our path in life is full of strife

And what is planned is not in hand

We must trust this is a must

What the future holds as it unfolds

Is for me what’s meant to be

Thought I was strong could just go along

Do it on my own be it all alone

So on I went until I was fully spent

Life took its toll on my soul

So I prayed for love sent from up above

With strength to lend or help send

As my struggles passed I’ve learned at last

Wish I’d known, to not walk alone©

by Mac







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Share The Path

Shine your light along the way and help brighten someone’s day. A journey faced alone is never fun, but share the path and help someone. Our destinations are unknown, but there is no need to go it alone. So if you ever need a friend, on me you surely can depend. Because life’s too hard to face apart, please let me in and heal your heart.© ~Mac


Myrtle Beach by Mac ©

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge


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Make A Way

“Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”~Unknown



©Uncut Path by SBDMB (MM)

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge


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There Will Always Be Signs

Even when your path is chosen there will always be signs along the way. These that will try to tell you how your journey should look or in an attempt to deter you. Don’t let them dictate your way, you are in control of your own destiny.

©There Will Always Be Signs ~MM (SBDMB)

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge






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Don’t Go


Paved with good intentions
Is what they often say
But my Hell is here
If I can’t make you stay

Life is just not kind
Emotions ebb and flow
You have set me free
But I don’t want to go

The voices in my head
Screaming out in fear
I try to block them out
I don’t want to hear

I spent up all your love
Abused you to the core
Chewed and spit you out
Don’t need me anymore

But Baby you don’t know
That what I felt was real
Our journey can’t be over
I pray that this will heal

Let me break these walls
Forged to keep love out
I’ll wait to find a way
Don’t you ever even doubt

Your in my review mirror
Distance growing wide
Strength is my charade
Broken down, I’ve cried

Lost, I’m really searching
For the right words to say
Is there really anything
Can I make you stay?

Life is just not kind
Emotions ebb and flow
You have set me free
Begging, please don’t go!

©Don’t Go by SBDMB (MM)


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The Choice

I walk a line between dark and light, never wavering from the path

Treading this road so carefully, I was not given any map

I often wonder at the darkness, and what is up ahead

But then, I look into the light and gaze upon it instead

I will continue on my way, for the choice is clear to me

To stay on the line between day and night, there’s so much more to see

©The Choice by SBDMB (MM)

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Continuation



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