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Magnifying Glass - Questions

What if later never comes, all you have is now
What if you only have this moment somehow

Who do you want to be remembered for being
Who do you want the world truly to be seeing

Where does your most precious of treasures lie
Where does the sum of all of your efforts apply

When will you see time is not ever on your side
When will you face the world, no need to hide

How can I help you to keep from regretting choices
How can I say it enough, listen to the inner voices©

by Mac


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Eagerly we coalesce in pursuit of what will bring happiness and eternal serenity
Exploring through the generations unimaginable designs of brilliant ideaologies
Endeavoring to remember the beginning but looking for a way to find the ending
Eternally struggling against the powers of being while hoping we can cheat death
Enduring the bitter sufferings that molest us and find strength as we masquerade 
Embracing daylight in all of its warmth but not forgetting of night’s tranquil tune
Effortlessly some will pursue riches with fortitude while others arduously will fail
Effecting the world with one whisper and holding the power to build or annihilate
Entreating you to analyze choices wisely while you also take risks with a passion
Endlessly searching to find what existence is all about and grasping the answers©

by Mac



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