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One Heart



As I shudder, my heart’s aflutter
Love is intoxicating, heart palpitating
The joy it brings, all earth sings
Looking in your eyes, there’s my prize
See your soul, under my control
This great pleasure, it has no measure
Love’s worth, brings such mirth

With this vow of trust, virtue is a must
Breaking a heart, could tear apart
My greatest endeavor, your love forever
Guard our bond, charms abscond
Come in from the cold, have and to hold
From this day and more, as I swore
Together as one heart, never will we part©

by Mac


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These Memories

To Paul

Memories run fondly through my head
Of the day when we were wed
Has it really been nearly nineteen years
That day, so many happy tears

And if I were to choose to go back in time
When you asked, “Please be mine”
I would say, “Yes” To this life once again
Knowing what I didn’t know then

The times we’ve grieved and times of pain
Are worth it all, won’t be in vain
For with each moment that we have cried
Still worth it all to be your bride

The laughs and giggles I’ve shared with you
When I think I won’t get through
Keep me grounded, help lessen the sorrows
Holding on for brighter tomorrows

Life is quite messy and often so complicated
But I still remember when we dated
Our two beautiful children are nearly grown
Can’t believe how the time has flown

Struggles have been many, but joys are more
As a mom and a dad they both adore
We walked through fires and danced in the rain
Held on to one another when in pain

Now as we journey into our future, hand in hand
Even if it is not how we had planned
Nothing is able to take these memories from me
Signed, Your Wife, Michelle, lovingly©

by Mac


Our Wedding Day©


Our Wedding Day©


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Never knew how capable I was

I told the truth and undid

Everything I once held dear

Now life is just so unclear

I’ll hold up there is no doubt

I can’t give up on you or me

What was one is torn in two

Now so much I must renew

But I know we’ll overcome

This journey is an uphill race

Looking back and one day see

What was to be of you and me

Overcomer© by Mac

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Reality’s Choices


A hope, a wish, a dream

But what is the reality?

To feel, to live, to beam

When will this be me?

Someday is just so far away

I must live with my decision

Heavy on my heart does weigh

It’s not always as you envision

I hope, I pray, I strive

But our reality is this

We must choose to thrive

Until our reality is bliss

Reality’s Choice© by Mac



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Do you promise that you will never leave me?
I mean, do you really know what that means?

Forever is very long and so much can happen
We could forget what our desires feels like
We could forget what it means to really love
Forgetting we should put each other first

Do you promise that you will hold me always?
I mean, will you hold tight, never letting go?

Always is very long and so much can happen
We could lose the affections for each other
We could lose sight of thee important things
Forgetting to hold tight in sweet embraces

Do you promise that you can ever be loving?
I mean, love even when I’m not always kind?

Forever is very long and so much can happen
We could forget that love is an action word
We could neglect how these emotions feel
Forgetting that love is truly unconditional

Do you promise that you will always forgive?
I mean, even when I have hurt you to the core?

Always if very long and so much can happen
We could harden our hearts to one another
We could become bitter, a great chasm form
Forgetting that forgiveness is for both of us

Promise me that no matter what happens in life
We will always find the way back to each other
Keep our lights on and burning hot with passion
Beacons back to one another’s hearts and souls

Promise© by SBDMB (MM


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We Go Together Like…


“Romance novels are birthday cake and life is often peanut butter and jelly. I think everyone should have lots of delicious romance novels lying around for those times when the peanut butter of life gets stuck to the roof of your mouth.”~Janet Evanovich

cinderella-cute-disney-drawings-girl-Favim.com-435179My favorite fairy tale growing up was Cinderella. You’ve got to love a girl who can sing and have animals appear, has a fairy godmother that gives her a makeover and then meets a prince who falls in love with her at first glance. This is the “stuff” little girls (and big girls) dreams are made of! And, while I do believe in love at first sight, as I have experienced it, I also believe in the reality of life! I’m not cynical… honest! I’ve been in an amazing relationship for 21 years, 18 of it married. However, it takes work!

Life and relationships are not all romance and perfection. Seriously, why do we set our kids up to believe this? While I do believe it’s great to have dreams and believe in love, I don’t think reality is anything like Disney portrays! Every girl does not need rescued, by a man that she in turn will love and marry right after meeting. In fact, many women are quite strong and would just as soon be on their own- however, society often looks sideways at this. And then, there are those like myself, married young and enjoying married life (we are strong too). There is nothing wrong with either choice.

hearteyesWhen going into a relationship or marriage however, it is very important to understand that it is not all hearts in the eyes, with romantic music playing in the background. Life is messy, confusing and often just straight out crazy! Put two people together that are different in many ways, better yet- sprinkle in some kids and POOF! That is not your fairy godmother, that is life swinging you around by the seat of your pants, right into a wall. The unexpected will happen, the mundane will happen and yes even beautifully unforgettable moments will happen. But, there will be a mixture that you most likely will not be prepared for, as you begin your journey.

You may be thinking, “Wow, she is not selling relationships very well!” My point is this, you should go in with eyes wide open. My husband and I have had our ups and downs. Blessed with kids (and sometimes cursed) we have learned how to raise together. We have been through trials that brought us closer and we have learned the ebb and flow to eachother. It takes commitment, understanding, willingness to forgive and more. The belief that when you chose to say “I do” and “until death do us part” you meant every word. That failure, giving up and divorce is just not an option! So, here is to success…


Relationships are not a “piece of cake”~ it’s okay, because, we go together like peanut butter and jelly anyway!

~Southern By Design





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The Beach and 18 Years

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it be rather a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”~Kahlil Gibran

Today is a celebration of my 18th wedding anniversary with my best friend and love of my life. We started the day watching the sunrise from the beach, a favorite of ours. I thought I’d share some of our views with you from our glorious morning.I also thought I’d share a few ways to keep a relationship going strong and some of the ways we’ve managed to do so for 21 years in total… and be more in love than ever!


Communication— During the day, send a text or put a note somewhere they will find it, to know you were thinking about them. Make time to talk over dinner about your day or in the evening over a drink. Always make an effort to share even just 10 minutes away from electronics and communicate.

And when you are upset or another emotion arises (as they often do) learn to open up during those times too.


Care– This one may seem obvious. However, I mean care about what your spouse has interest in. While you both are different, learn to share in a common interest of the other. While it may not always be easy, it is a great way to learn about one another and spend time together, while bonding. Which brings me to the next point…


Time– Spending time together may also seem obvious, however the longer you are together, it can become easy to drift into habits that don’t include the other person. It is detrimental to your relationship’s health that you purpose to make time to do things together. We still enjoy dates every week and time together at night. It doesn’t have to be a huge portion of time. However, I highly recommend at least one date a month.

When you have small children these times are even more precious, so find a good babysitter!

Forgiveness– Holding onto bitterness is poison to a marriage. So is the lack of being able to say the words, “I’m sorry”! This was and is a hard one for me, I have a difficult time admitting when I’m wrong. But, I have recognized this about myself and I am learning to do better. That is part of growing and maturing in relationships. My husband has taught me a lot about saying sorry, even when he wasn’t in the wrong. It is a strong person that can do this and even stronger is the one who forgets and never brings it up again!


In Sickness & Dysfunction- I have struggles with depression. There have been times in my past that have not been easy for my spouse. We also have had multiple trials from outside sources over the years. Through all of these ups and downs, we have remained strong for one another. This is very important and necessary. When the going gets tough, you stick it out and hold the other person up. You give of your own strength to help get them through. And you always remain a joint unit to those outside who will try to tear you apart. Do not let anyone or thing come between you!

Above all else…

Put The Other Person First– I cannot enphasize this enough. Our policy has been, if you put the other person in the marriage first your needs will always be met. When you don’t think about yourself but stay focused on giving for the other person, the needs you have will also become less important. Marriage is a joint endevor. One that takes hard work, commitment and even compromise. But, like a precious treasure, it is worth all this…and more!



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