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Manners Have Left The Building

Going to the movies is a frequent occurrence for hubby and I, a great date we both equally enjoy. The last couple times we have gone however, I just about flipped my lid! Have people utterly lost all sence of movie theater etiquette? Really, where have the manners gone? And no, I’m not talking about those open-mouthed, popcorn crunchers! That is a topic for another day and my Misophonia. 

My first “encounter” was when we sat in front of a woman that talked through thee… entire… two hour, movie! Literally, she was like a comintator during a sports broadcast. Multiple times we “shooshed” her, but to no avail! I’m not sure she even realized she was talking or that it was she we were asking to be quiet. By the time we left I swear my eye was twitching and my anxiety was at maximum capacity.


Then, this past weekend we visit again. A mom decides to bring her baby, mind you it is an adult movie. Now, I have been there moms, when you really want to see a movie and you believe that your baby will be quiet or even sleep. But this, was not one of those times! She let her kid cry, babble loudly and so forth without getting up and taking him out! Multiple folks were again, “shooshing” and she did not take a hint! What the heck!?

What is wrong with people? Have we become so self-involved that we don’t have any consideration for those around us anymore? It may seem like a silly or simple thing, but it goes to the bigger picture of behavior I’ve encountered in public. Yes, I’m irked, this is a huge pet peeve! I want adults to learn to respect and consider those around them. Not only that, I want them to teach their kids to do the same. I’m so tired of all the little jerks running around who are self-centered and entitled!

Whew… end rant!




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