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Four Letters…Well, You Know


I’ve had a revelation I must admit
Sometimes life makes me feel like…well, you know

Actions of others can make me sick
Then you have those that act like a…well, you know

Yes, some are just down on their luck
Things could be better if more gave a…well, you know

Politicians, please get with the program
Countries in disaster, do you even give a…well, you know

I try to see the glass half full, all going well
But it can overwhelm me, just give up, Oh…well, you know©

by Mac






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Keep It Together


Why do you call one another names?

You say that you are faultless

As many self-proclaim

But life is not always black and white

And sometimes we disagree

Or we straight out fight

But to dismiss what one holds true

Belittle, label another person

Is not for me or you to do

If we could all just be more self-aware

Consider each other’s view

As this world we share

Using slurs such as prejudice and racist

Name calling without reason

No proof or any basis

This will not bring us together in any way

Make the divisions larger still

Never see a newer day

Why not grow? Instead you embrace the strife

Not understanding how to respect all

Or learn about each other’s life

I ask you to look for some good in every person

As you will encounter many on this journey

Instead of the conflicts worsen

Don’t hold things against another without cause

Take time to learn about each other, listen

So future generations can applause©

by Mac







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Basic Common Sense?

With the US Presidential elections less than a week away, Nov 8th to be exact, I wanted to share one of the best articles of late. As a huge follower of Mike Rowe, Dirtiest Jobs host, I find he has an exceptional knack for saying things straight out with a twist of humor.

Followers of his are often sending in questions for him to answer. So here it goes.

Jeremy Schneider writes…

“Hey Mike, I have nothing but respect for you. Your no-nonsense outlook and incredible eloquence have really had a profound impact in my life. Can you please encourage your huge following to go out and vote this election? I would never impose on you by asking you to advocate one politician over another, but I do feel this election could really use your help. I know that there are many people out there who feel like there is nothing they can do. Please try to use your gifts to make them see that they can do something – that their vote counts.”

Mike writes…

“Hi Jeremy

Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. I also share your concern for our country, and agree wholeheartedly that every vote counts. However, I’m afraid I can’t encourage millions of people whom I’ve never met to just run out and cast a ballot, simply because they have the right to vote. That would be like encouraging everyone to buy an AR-15, simply because they have the right to bear arms. I would need to know a few things about them before offering that kind of encouragement. For instance, do they know how to care for a weapon? Can they afford the cost of the weapon? Do they have a history of violence? Are they mentally stable? In short, are they responsible citizens?

Casting a ballot is not so different. It’s an important right that we all share, and one that impacts our society in dramatic fashion. But it’s one thing to respect and acknowledge our collective rights, and quite another thing to affirmatively encourage people I’ve never met to exercise them. And yet, my friends in Hollywood do that very thing, and they’re at it again.

Every four years, celebrities and movie stars look earnestly into the camera and tell the country to “get out and vote.” They tell us it’s our “most important civic duty,” and they speak as if the very act of casting a ballot is more important than the outcome of the election. This strikes me as somewhat hysterical. Does anyone actually believe that Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ed Norton would encourage the “masses” to vote, if they believed the “masses” would elect Donald Trump?

Regardless of their political agenda, my celebrity pals are fundamentally mistaken about our “civic duty” to vote. There is simply no such thing. Voting is a right, not a duty, and not a moral obligation. Like all rights, the right to vote comes with some responsibilities, but lets face it – the bar is not set very high. If you believe aliens from another planet walk among us, you are welcome at the polls. If you believe the world is flat, and the moon landing was completely staged, you are invited to cast a ballot. Astrologists, racists, ghost-hunters, sexists, and people who rely upon a Magic 8 Ball to determine their daily wardrobe are all allowed to participate. In fact, and to your point, they’re encouraged.

The undeniable reality is this: our right to vote does not require any understanding of current events, or any awareness of how our government works. So, when a celebrity reminds the country that “everybody’s vote counts,” they are absolutely correct. But when they tell us that “everybody in the country should get out there and vote,” regardless of what they think or believe, I gotta wonder what they’re smoking.

Look at our current candidates. No one appears to like either one of them. Their approval ratings are at record lows. It’s not about who you like more, it’s about who you hate less. Sure, we can blame the media, the system, and the candidates themselves, but let’s be honest – Donald and Hillary are there because we put them there. The electorate has tolerated the intolerable. We’ve treated this entire process like the final episode of American Idol. What did we expect?

So no, Jeremy – I can’t personally encourage everyone in the country to run out and vote. I wouldn’t do it, even if I thought it would benefit my personal choice. Because the truth is, the country doesn’t need voters who have to be cajoled, enticed, or persuaded to cast a ballot. We need voters who wish to participate in the process. So if you really want me to say something political, how about this – read more.

Spend a few hours every week studying American history, human nature, and economic theory. Start with “Economics in One Lesson.” Then try Keynes. Then Hayek. Then Marx. Then Hegel. Develop a worldview that you can articulate as well as defend. Test your theory with people who disagree with you. Debate. Argue. Adjust your philosophy as necessary. Then, when the next election comes around, cast a vote for the candidate whose worldview seems most in line with your own.

Or, don’t. None of the freedoms spelled out in our Constitution were put there so people could cast uninformed ballots out of some misplaced sense of civic duty brought on by a celebrity guilt-trip. The right to assemble, to protest, to speak freely – these rights were included to help assure that the best ideas and the best candidates would emerge from the most transparent process possible.

Remember – there’s nothing virtuous or patriotic about voting just for the sake of voting, and the next time someone tells you otherwise, do me a favor – ask them who they’re voting for. Then tell them you’re voting for their opponent. Then, see if they’ll give you a ride to the polls.

In the meantime, dig into “Economics in One Lesson,” by Henry Hazlitt. It sounds like a snooze but it really is a page turner, and you can download it for free.


PS. If you do vote, or if you don’t, you’ll almost certainly feel better about the future of our country wearing the latest “Freddy and The BiPed” 2016 Campaign Tee Shirt. This version reads, somewhat prophetically, “A Doghouse Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.” It can all be yours for $24.99. Slightly more for the hoodie. Proceeds, as always, go to The mikeroweWORKS Foundation, and pay for work-ethic scholarships.” represent.com/mikerowe.

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When Next You Meet

This is a beautiful piece by Gbolabo Adetunji, if you don’t already follow him, he does delightful work. I hope you will read this in its entirety on his blog.

Next time you meet a man Think of him not as a smidge He really is always a bridge That ridges you to a terminus Some to a port of bloom Others to a place of doom We all want to go places For where…

Source: When Next You Meet

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Agree To Disagree

“I will never compromise truth for the sake of getting along with people who can only get along when we agree.” ~D.R. Silva


One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say, “Let’s agree to disagree!”  Well, I have a very outspoken personality and I do enjoy a good debate. However, having a discussion where our points of view clash then say [this], my feeling, it’s a cop-out. But, where did this feeling come from? One that you can’t respect someone and even like them, all whilst having a different opinion?

Have you noticed that it is becoming harder to have a point of view that differs from the “main stream”? Lots of words thrown around these days, such as intolerant, racist, controversial and close minded. Specially if you are in the minority of those that is willing to speak out against the media or leftist views. Name slinging at the outspoken is popular, while being knowledgeable and a thinker, is discouraged.

People need to get educated, not just go with the flow of the main stream! Our society is turning into spineless robots. Taking what the government feeds them. And why not? The government is willing to take care of us. They will offer to pay for everything, in return we only must give up our rights and freedoms. Choosing to be willfully ignorant, should not be a choice!


The media makes concessions on truths as long as it gets the viewers. Picking and choosing what topics will bring the most outrage. No longer do we have media that is uncompromised by opinion, there is a spin to every news outlet. So, if you have not learned to think on your own, to devise your own thought procees, you are left to believe what you are being spoon fed. Of course, “It must be true, it’s on the interntet!” Oh boy (hand to forehead)!

And finally, I struggle with some of those in thee upcoming generation. Those that are self-centered and feel they are owed everything. Where did this entitled outlook on life come from? Those that are choosing to agree with everything the government and media say. “Once upon a time, in a land called America, people truly believed in a capitalist system. Citizens worked hard their entire lives to feed into their 401-K plans and expected that depending on how the economy went, they may profit from their work. They did not depend on the American government to take care of everything for them; in fact they had a great sense of personal responsibility…” I recommend reading the full article, “You Owe Me: Examining a Generation of Entitlement”

And so I leave you with this…


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Political Panic

panic-button“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” ~H. L. Mencken

I begin by stating that I am neither a supporter of Trump or Clinton. I find that we are just in one big debacle. We have a guy that ‘eats crazy for breakfast’ or a criminal whom also is a ‘compulsive liar.’ Great job America!

“How come we choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America?” ~Author Unknown

My qualm is this, we have men and women that are choosing politics as a career for the wrong reasons. They become wealthy with no one but self in mind. When the idea of president and politician came to be, [it] was done for the cause of country, not for the power, prestige and monetary extremes that now come with the position!

It would be interesting to me to see what kind of politicians we’d have if they knew that no gain would come from the position. If there was no added recognition or special treatment that came with thee affair. But, I digress, we are stuck with the poor options before us! Washington D.C. will forever be a place where there is reward based on doing well in corruption, lying, bribery and cheating. These, all while stating they are, “for the people” whilst lining their pockets and thinking only of self!

“Few circumstances are more likely to bring on a political crisis, than alarming representations of its approach.” ~William Benton Clulow

I know, I sound dismal. So,“Why vote?” you may ask. I personally believe that we owe it to our Forefathers. Those who fought, rallied and suffered for this right we so easily dismiss. It is our duty as Americans to do so! We need to get back to loving our country and standing up to the politicians that are reeking havoc on it. While I’m not sure what will happen on November 8th, our choices are discouraging at best. I offer you a glimpse of where we have come from to get where we are today, in a brief history of our rights to vote.

Our American Constitution did not always allow for everyone to vote. There have been multiple Amendments over the past 150+ years. The 14th Amendment only allowed persons born within the US the right to vote. Of course this did not include women or those outside of white men for many years.  Leading to The 15th Amendment which stated, “no citizen would be denied the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” However, this Ammendment only really stated in words which would not be carried out for years due to the Jim Crow Laws that were upheld. You had to be able to pass tests, pay taxes and prove your grandfather would have been able to vote. These all kept minorities still from thee ability to vote. The 19th Amendment guaranteed women a right to vote, not occurring until 1920. Years of women suffrage groups, violence and more- to vote for what was important to us! The 24th Amendment did away with paying taxes for your right to vote, thus fully doing away with the Jim Crow Laws. The 26th Ammendment allowed for any US citizen of age 18 and over to have the right to vote. This had much to do with the idea that boys were old enough to go to war at 18, but not old enough to vote for the Congressmen that were sending them their. Finally, the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Not until this time were the last of the barriers fully lifted for minorities voting rights.  Source


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